Bobrick Evolve Cubicles Toilet Partitions

Best fitted to heavily used buildings with huge traffic. Evolves Cubicles come with amazing European style ensuring the longest durability. Get unlimited privacy in the most affordable budget.

Uncompromising Privacy and Durability

Evolve Cubicles create an aesthetic look without making you suffer for the budget. This European-style cubicle system adds a new dimension to your commercial space. Its aluminum framing is fully anodized which creates an outstanding resilient feature increasing the durability with a unique privacy option.


Commercial Office Showcase
Check out how our Evolve partitions ensure a minimalist appearance with an uncompromised solution. Evolve bathroom stalls match the global standard by being updated constantly.See the Cubicles & Toilet Partition Systems Catalog. to have better understanding.

Features & Benefits

Hardware Options

Built-in European Privacy features in Evolve, meet the projects’ demand completely. Fully anodized aluminum fittings and hardware options provide all the modern functions smoothly.

Material Pricing & Lead Time

Price ranges from $ to $$$$$. The following pricing and delivery time are only applicable to standard color choices.

Our partitions and cubicles are ready-to-buy products. To get more details about the ordering procedure, send us an email or call us now. We will help you with a DIY customization option enhancing the opportunity to get a more personalized design.

OptionDoor HeightPanel HeightFloor Clearance
Max79 5/8″80″1″
Evolve standard height shown in Cello 0811 FH.
Evolve Max height shown in Silvretta 0229 FH.

Finalize your Evolve design by selecting the color, texture or woodgrain, and adding Urinal Screens.

Evolve Standard Height Cubicles have floor-mounted, headrail-braced installation with 9″ pedestals. Soft-close spring integrate closing system used in pivot foot. Evolve Max Cubicles are overhead-braced installation with soft-close mechanism incorporated into headrail. Patent pending. Evolve Max’s construction makes it ideal for shower applications.
  • Bobrick Evolve Cubicles Toilet Partitions
    Spring-loaded, height-adjustable pedestal actuates soft-close door on the Evolve Cubicles with 9″ floor clearance.
  • Bobrick Evolve Cubicles Toilet Partitions
    Soft-close mechanism incorporated into headrail on Evolve Max Cubicles with 1″ floor clearance.

Our PRIVADA Cubicles provide stainless steel pedestals, anodized aluminum pedestals that enhance durability. Options are available based on upcharge.

You will get Standard Height cubicles with 9” pedestals. But, Extended Height cubicles provide you 4” pedestals. Either of the options may come to you based on your chosen finish.

  • Bobrick Evolve Cubicles Toilet Partitions
    Standard aluminum pedestal shown in Standard Height for 9″ floor clearance (left) and Extended Height for 4″ floor clearance (right)
  • Bobrick Evolve Cubicles Toilet Partitions
    Upgraded stainless steel pedestal shown in Standard Height for 9″ floor clearance (left) and Extended Height for 4″ floor clearance (right)

Evolve Cubicles are in stock with varieties of colors, textures, and woodgrains. Choose from the patterns you love.

Standard color by FUNDERMAX and ABET LAMINATI allows for single panel width up to 72″, eliminating the additional hardware. Meets Class A fire rating without upcharge. *Wilsonart® SOLICOR™ is a specialty laminate with a solid color core to match the surface. Color upcharge premium applies.



Single Piece Panels Available Up to 5 Feet



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Get the best match to the cubicle design by adding our Evolve urinal screens including convenient hardware & finishes with floor-anchored mounting style. Our standard Height urinal screens are highly adjustable to any type of building structure.

Standard Height shown in Brushed Aluminum 0328 FH