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Featuring frameless or with frame rectangular mirrors, we can find the right solution for your bathroom. Custom made mirrors are provided by us upon request.

ASI 8026

Frameless Stainless Steel Mirror with Masonite Back

Unit is provided with four mounting holes. Available in four sizes. Larger than 48″W x 24″H is not recommended.

ASI 0605

Inter-Lok Stainless Steel Framed Mirror with Shelf

Includes 5″ (127 mm) wide satin finish stainless steel shelf. Edges returned and hemmed for maximum rigidity and safety.

AJW U704

Series Fixed Tilt Angle Frame Mirror

Stainless steel with polished corners.

Frameless Mirror

Frameless mirrors can be fabricated to a maximum size of 60″W x 96″H

Decorative Frame Mirror

Custom made upon request.

Full Length Mirror

Customizable size.