Soap Dispensers

Choose from surface mounted, recessed or lavatory mounted models with liquid and lather soap dispensers.

ASI 0360

Surface Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser

Stainless steel body with satin finish exposed exterior. Operates automatically from IR sensor powered by 6 AA-size batteries. Tamper resistant soap level viewing window, removable lid with special lock and key. Capacity: 34‑fl oz (1000 ml)

AJW U155

Push-up Valve Soap Dispenser

Surface mounted corrosion-resistant valve dispenses liquid hand soaps. Translucent polyethylene container provides visible soap level. Capacity: 24‑fl oz (700 ml)

Bobrick B-826

Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Lavatory mounted dispenser with touch-free sensor detects user’s hand to automatically dispenses controlled amount (0.8ml) of soap. Bright polished chrome plated plastic with LED light indicators. Water resistant, plastic material, holds 4 Alkaline “D” Cell Batteries. Batteries are included in Model B-826.

Bobrick B-2111

Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser

Vertical tank is satin finish stainless steel with soap refill window. Valve dispenses all-purpose liquid hand soaps. Capacity: 40‑fl oz (1200 ml)

Bobrick B-822

Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispenser

Corrosion resistant dispenser has vandal-resistant locking cover and free-turning spout. Body and shank are high-impact-resistant ABS plastic with a shatter-resistant polyethylene container. Capacity: 34-fl oz. (100 ml)

Bobrick B-4112

Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser

Plastic corrosion-resistant dispenser valve. Container is satin finish stainless steel with a soap refill window. Capacity: 40‑fl oz. (1200 ml)