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Waste Receptacles

We carry only the best selection of containers for disposal on the market for every taste and need.

ASI 6459

Waste Receptacle

Stainless steel self-closing panel covers container’s opening. Capacity: 4 gal. (15 L)

Bobrick B-2300

Floor-Standing Dome-Top Waste Receptacle

Satin finish stainless steel body with black steel removable dome top. Hygienic, no-touch disposal of waste. Capacity: 18-gal. (68-L)

ASI 20458

Semi-Recessed Removable Waste Receptacle

Stainless steel disposal container locks into cabinet with a tumbler lock for security. Removable front panel for easy cleaning. Capacity: 11.2 gal. (42.6 L)

Bobrick B-2250

Floor-Standing Waste Receptacle with Top

Satin finish stainless steel. Top with self-closing doors for hygiene. Capacity: 13-gal. (49.2-L).

ASI 1000

Countertop-Mounted Circular Waste Chute

Satin finish stainless steel slope providing trash access to receptacle placed directly below the chute. Counter Opening:5 3/4″ (146 mm) diameter.