Metpar Dur a Tex Toilet Partitions

The Dur-A-Tex™ line of partitions is a highly durable, value added, textured surface steel partition. A proprietary two-coat paint process (powder coat followed by a secondary clear coat paint process) developed by Metpar on galvanized steel increases the durability, plus improves resistance to graffiti and corrosion. This process vastly improves the service life of the product.

The textured surface of Dur-A-Tex™ gives a rich, upscale appearance to the décor of all environments and applications. With an increased durability (over standard powder coated) material, a unique textured appearance, and extreme graffiti and corrosion resistance, Dur-A-Tex™ has become a popular choice for contractors, distributors, and architects across the world who seek a higher end appearance at an economical price.

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  • Love Stainless Steel but not the price? Nickel Silver imitates the appearance of 5SM Stainless Steel extremely well. You can now have a look-a-like Stainless Steel option at an affordable price!
  • Swatches are a printed representation of the color. Please view an actual sample prior to making your final selection. Request samples via
  • Special colors available at an upcharge.

Solving the Challenge

In decades past, partitions were fabricated with standard cold rolled steel and a liquid enamel paint finish, which was subject to eventual rusting and damage as a result of graffiti.

Dur-A-Tex™ addresses both these shortcomings by using pre-coated galvanneal steel and powder-coated finishes, which is the state of the art in rust prevention and durability.

Both of these materials extend the longevity and visual appeal of steel partitions, improving their overall appearance and functionality as well as their return on investment.

Impact on Design

Apart from basic durability, an important concern for many property owners, architects and designers is the ambient feel of any room fixture, including restroom partitions.

Dur-A-Tex™ creates an upscale feeling with a color diamond textured finish, which is embossed into the steel prior to finishing.

The wide range of standard and custom colors available fulfills the most demanding design criteria.

Our Nickel Silver closely imitates the appearance of Stainless Steel extremely well, providing a look-a-like or “faux” stainless steel appearance at a much lower price.

Increased Durability

Dur-A-Tex™ has a graffiti-resistant coating applied at high temperatures that prevents damage due to vandalism and extends the life of the product by preventing corrosion.

Salt Spray tests on Dur-A-Tex™ per ASTM B117 has shown no failure of the paint film at 1200 hours while the finish on standard partitions in the marketplace today show corrosion and blistering of the finish at only 300 to 500 hours.

Texture pattern improves the strength of partition surface and damage resistance.

Corrosion resistance is 2X greater than other standard powder finished products.

Extreme Graffiti Resistance

Texture surface prevents graffiti vandalism.

Permanent marker or spray paint can be removed without damage to surface.

High gloss coating reduces clean up time.

Combine any series with any style. Try our design visualizer!


Standard series includes 58” high doors and panels that are mounted 12” above finished floor. Additional options include, no-sight doors (rabbeted edge on strike side), a full-length multicam hinge, and full-length continuous brackets. This series is the industry standard.

Dorian - Privacy!

Dorian series includes 64” high doors and panels that are mounted 6” above finished floor. Full length continuous brackets, no-sight doors (rabbeted edge on strike side), and a full-length multicam hinge are included. Enhanced level of privacy compared to standard series.

Dorian Max - Privacy!

Dorian Max series includes 72” high doors and panels that are mounted 6” above finished floor. Full length continuous brackets, no-sight doors (rabbeted edge on strike side), and a full-length multicam hinge are included. Head to toe king of ultimate privacy!

Combine any style with any series. Try our design visualizer!

Overhead Braced

Created for areas where high strength is required and installation considerations prevent other toilet partition options. Headrail is used for additional strength. Most popular style.

Floor Mounted

Floor mounted structure is ideal for restrooms with concrete floors. It provides a consistent appearance across the top of panels and pilasters for a modern look. Headrail is not required.

Ceiling Hung

This style provides for unobstructed floor space beneath the stalls. Floor to ceiling pilasters can be added to provide maximum strength and durability.

Floor to Ceiling

Recommended for rooms with low to medium height ceilings where additional stability is desired. Maximum recommended floor to ceiling height of 96″. Requires ceiling reinforcement.


Dur-A-Tex™ material undergoes a proprietary process, whereby a clear high gloss polyester coating is applied on top of a color coat layer, all on top of galvanized steel that has a unique diamond texture. This process results in increased durability, extreme graffiti resistance, and an aesthetically pleasing glossy appearance.


Bright dipped aluminum headrail to match chrome hardware for a coordinated uniform appearance. The top is pointed, resulting in an “anti-grip” top structure to prevent hanging from the partition.


Bottom of the door features a unique “no rise” self-closing and concealed adjustable cam. Hardware is constructed of zamac die cast metal.


Top of the door features a heavy duty 3/8″ diameter chrome plated steel pin with nylon insert for smooth operation. Hardware is constructed of zamac die cast metal. 


The door features a unique ADA-approved concealed slide latch with external two color (green/red) “in use” indicator designed to provide emergency accessibility from the outside of the stall. Hardware is constructed of zamac die cast metal. 


Each pilaster has a 4” high #4 finish stainless steel plinth (shoe) beautifully connecting the bottom of the pilaster to the floor, aesthetically hiding the floor mountings and any visible drill holes. 


The interior of all doors, panels, and pilasters are reinforced with vertical cellular honeycomb core, bonded with super strong & long-lasting adhesives to every inch of the interior walls, enhancing strength, impact resistance, and providing extra support. 


All door and panel corners are finished with pre-formed painted stainless steel reinforcements. Corners are welded internally to ensure that the galvanized rust resistant coating is not removed. These beautiful corner clips prevent any necessity of external corner welding and metal grinding, yielding an aesthetically pleasing and strong structural connectivity that lasts a long time.


The panels feature wall brackets, which provides a structurally strong connection for panel to wall connection/mounting. Hardware is constructed of zamac die cast metal.


Pilasters are connected to the panels with U brackets, providing a structurally strong and tight connection. Hardware is constructed of zamac die cast metal.


All edges of doors, panels, and pilasters are finished with a 20-gauge interlocking molding around the perimeter, providing a strong structural interlocking connection.


Heavy duty aluminum privacy strips eliminate any sight gaps on each side of the door. One strip on the latch side acts as a continuous door stop, while the other is positioned between the upper and lower hinge, eliminating any chance of “peeking” into the stalls. Increasingly, privacy is now a priority.


All panel & door corners are available in full corner weld, which is then ground smooth, and finished with a smooth powder coat paint. This corner weld provides for an enhanced, strong, and aesthetically appealing corner seal, which extends the product lifetime.


Full length continuous brackets are available in both aluminum or stainless steel. This bracket provides extra strength, additional structural support, and allows for no line of sight at the panel connections. This option is much more heavy duty than standard wall brackets and is highly recommended for facilities with vandalism concerns and privacy preferences. (Image shown above is in solid plastic material).


Brackets & privacy strips can be painted to match the color of the partition, providing a visually continuous appearance and one color across the construction.


Stainless steel edge moldings/edge trim are available for all powder coated doors & panels. This design feature provides for additional aesthetic appeal, extra strength and durability, and design differentiation. Need that extra visual pop? Here’s your solution.


All hardware is available in #4 brushed stainless steel for an extra durable appearance & even longer-lasting product lifetime. This material is heavy duty and will not rust. 


Non-listed customer chosen colors can be selected and used in production. Provide us with any powder coat paint color of your choice, and we’ll get it done!


If you’re looking for a heavier duty floor mountd on Overhead Braced (FP) partitions, you can upgrade to heavier duty floor mounted (FT) partition floor mounts. This provides a more sturdy and heavier duty mounting option for extra base/structural stability and support.

Materials: Door hardware is available in die-cast chrome or cast stainless steel. Bracket hardware is available in die-cast chrome or stamped stainless steel.

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Top Hinge Bracket

Top Hinge Pin

Bottom Hinge Bracket

Surface Mounted Latch

Door Pull

Coat Hook & Bumper

Door Bumper

Stay Set Cam

Concealed Latch

Strike & Keeper

Strike & Keeper Surface Latch (Inswing / Emergency)

Strike & Keeper Surface Latch (Inswing / Non-Emergency)

Strike & Keeper Surface Latch (Outswing)


1" - 2 Ear Bracket

1" - 1 Ear Bracket

1-1/4" - 1 Ear Bracket

1" - U-Bracket

Panel/Pilaster Alcove Clip


Aluminum Anti Grip Headrail

Aluminum Rectangular Headrail

Headrail to Wall Bracket

Anti Grip Headrail End Cap

Headrail to Pilaster Bracket

4" High Pilaster Shoe (aka Plinth)

Post Cap

Post Shoe

Shoe Clip

Shoe Floor Bracket