Gorgeous & Long Lasting

Hadrian Stainless Steel
Bathroom Partitions

Resistance to Corrosion
Chemical washers, spray cleaning, and sanitizing chemicals won’t harm our stainless steel.
Best Fire Resistant Material in the Industry
The most durable and ultimate fire-resistant toilet partitions material on the market.

Contains a lot of recycled material
Stainless steel toilet partitions are an excellent alternative for ecologically conscious projects, as they include 91 percent recycled content (76 percent post-consumer and 15 percent pre-consumer).
Aesthetically fresh and contemporary look.
Our stainless steel, offered in type 304 with a #4 brushed texture or an embossing design, boosts the appearance of any bathroom while encouraging a clean, hygienic atmosphere.
Options for more privacy
Optional expanded panels and doors, as well as full height channels, provide optimum seclusion by fully eliminating all sightline gaps.

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Stainless Steel Partitions

Our signature corners are unrivaled in terms of their neat, appealing look. Full corner weld creates a sanitary seal and inhibits parts from twisting and detaching due to its increased strength.

The entire core of doors, panels, and pilasters is reinforced with 0.5″ (13mm) cell vertical honeycomb bonded from top to bottom and edge to edge. The honeycomb fortification improves the overall durability, sound insulation, and shock resistance of the product.
For persistent bonding and a lasting, hygienic sealing, all segments are tack welded and linked under stress with a wrap oval crown securing bar.
Hadrian’s one-of-a-kind thumb turn lever complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Canadian barrier-free standards. It may be actuated with a simple, quick movement that does not require the use of a finger grasp.
In the event of an emergency, both normal and barrier-free latch configurations allow entry from the outside. For aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and vandalism resistance, the structure is kept simple. The moniker aids maintenance personnel in identifying replacement parts.
The #4 brush finished embossed stainless steel connectors bring stainless steel’s appearance and function to the installation’s finer points.

#4 brushed stainless steel wrap-around hinges provide strength and reliability.

Our double-ridge, anti-grip headrail design deters raucous behavior and subsequent damage while still creating a smooth groove for shower curtain hooks, and is obtainable in a basic anodized coating or a brushed finish to compliment the beauty of stainless steel.
Pilaster shoes are offered in two finishes: polished stainless steel and #4 brushed stainless steel.

A flat coat hook with a #4 brushed finish is available.

Fasteners are theft-proof 6-lobe safety head screws manufactured in chrome and stainless steel to prevent tampering. Stainless steel bathroom partitions can also be fitted with standard chrome fittings.

Our upper hinge pin’s metal core offers a strong basis, whereas the self-lubricating nylon sleeve guarantees smooth and silent operation. If necessary, the threaded pin can be effectively detached and reinserted.

Our low-cost continuous hinge is ideal for high-traffic areas where improved strength and longevity are required. The continuous hinge is constructed of heavy-duty material and has a brushed stainless steel finish. Stainless steel is used for the hinge pin. As an extra plus, our continuous hinge obstructs the sightline on the hinge side of the door.

To eradicate sightline spaces in all panel to pilaster, panel to the wall, and pilaster to wall connections, full-height continuous powder coated channels are available in our package.

Junior height toilet partitions are ideal for pre-schools and other institutions that serve young children since they have smaller doors (just 48″ high) but still use floor-to-ceiling pilasters. There is both headrail braced and floor-anchored junior height toilet stalls available.

Our type 304, #4 brushed stainless steel offers a clean, modern appearance while providing superior corrosion resistance and a hygienic atmosphere.

The embossed stainless steel’s unique textured design provides additional protection against abrasions, smudges, and fingerprints.

Hybrid stainless steel compartments have an embossed inside for greater vandalism protection and a #4 brushed finish on the surface for a clean, smooth look.

On request, special finishes (such as leather-grain) are available. Minimum orders may be required.