Designed to Withstand the Challenges of
Any Bathroom.

Hadrian Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions

Constructed to Endure  Our solid plastic bathroom stalls have been composed of long-lasting heavy density polyethylene (HDPE) and are perfect for heavy-traffic areas such as universities, stadiums, playgrounds, and airways. Our partitions are built to last and withstand damage. They’re not going to easily deform, shatter, crack, or collapse! Entirely Consistent Color Body Since Hadrian’s plastic has a consistent color throughout, tiny damages may easily be fixed effortlessly.

Strong Hardware
Heavy-duty doors and latches from our company are resistant to damage and thus are securely fastened for increased robustness. To combat vandalism, fasteners are made of stainless steel screws with a 6-lobe protection head that is theft-proof.
Leader in Warranty
We are confident in the durability of our solid plastic toilet partitions, which comes with a 25-year warranty protection.

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Not every solid plastic always have the same properties. When you require a good level of performance, be sure that you’re buying certified CLASS B solid plastic or you will remorse at last. We provide a wide selection of approved CLASS B colors that comply with ASTM E 84 (Flame Spread Index: 26-75 / Smoke Developed Index: 0-450). At an additional cost, NFPA 286 plastic is available in various colors: 211 Black, 212 Blueberry, 223 Linen, 231 Slate, and 239 Gray. Colors in NFPA 286 may be slightly darker than those in Class B.
The solid core of our plastic material is free of foaming agents, that can induce air pockets to emerge.
Nothing could be more inexpensive in terms of our maintenance issues! Our strong plastic stalls essentially clean themselves, which make them an excellent choice for bathroom with a lot of traffic.
  • Aluminum is a strong material. Round barrel hinges, 8 inches (203mm) 6 inches tall
  • (152mm) stopper and keeper made of aluminum
  • With an emergency access mechanism, the latch is black anodised.
  • At the panel-to-pilaster connection, full-height aluminum channels are used.
  • Three heavy-duty aluminum brackets attach the panel to the wall and the pilaster to the wall.
  • Shoes are made of #4 brushed stainless steel
Our cap-over headrail is simple to install and ensures a rigid complete installation. The headrail system has a handy snap-fit design that eliminates the need for additional fasteners when attaching two components together.
Our 3 inches (76mm) high stainless steel anchor shoes are durable and easy to maintain. They look excellent and are simple to install. On the other hand 4 inches (102mm) high stainless steel shoes are used on ceiling mounted and floor to ceiling toilet partitions.
To prevent vandalism, fasteners are theft-proof 6-lobe security head stainless steel screws.
For heavy-use facilities such as schools and institutions, our 14-gauge continuous hinge is an excellent solution. This 54″ (1372mm) high stainless steel hinge has a stainless steel hinge pin and covers the entire height of the door. The continuous hinge is a truly heavy-duty option, fastened to both the door and the pilaster with 6-lobe security head stainless steel through-bolts. Additionally, this piece serves as a no-sightline feature on the hinge side of the door as an extra bonus.
For all panel to pilaster, panel to wall, and pilaster to wall connections, full height continuous aluminum channels are offered to avoid sightline gaps.
  • Full height stainless steel channels eradicate the sightline gaps for all panel to pilaster, panel to wall, and pilaster to wall connections
  • Stainless steel continuous hinge
  • Stainless steel latch
  • Stainless steel stop and keeper
  • #4 brushed stainless steel shoes
  • Full height plastic channels eradicate the gaps to prevent sightline for all panel to pilaster, panel to wall, and pilaster to wall connections
  • Plastic channel colors will match and beautify the partitions.
Our integral hinge system gives the impression of being clean and uncomplicated. To minimize the need for exposed fasteners on the hinge side, the hinge pin and bottom cam are recessed within the door and pilaster. The integral hinge is a terrific option to Hadrian’s typical wrap-around product because it is inconspicuous and nearly maintenance-free. Only the headrail braced style has an integral hinge.
By entirely eliminating the sightline gap on the latch side of the door, our optional full height aluminum continuous stop improves the privacy of solid plastic toilet partitions. Even more privacy can be achieved by using a continuous stop on the hinge side.

The 48 inches (1219mm) high Wall Mounted Privacy Urinal Divider is a simple and cost-effective design that complies with the International Plumbing Code (IPC) and allows for easy maintenance and floor cleaning.

  • 5 inches (127mm) pilaster that is floor-anchored supports the privacy urinal divider.
  • Excellent choice for installations that are prone to vandalism.


Flame Spread Index: 26 – 75 Smoke Developed Index: 0 – 450 NFPA 286 plastic is offered for the listed colors as follows, at an additional cost: 211 Black, 212 Blueberry, 223 Linen, 227 Paisley, 231 Slate and 239 Gray. NFPA 286 color options may be marginally darker than Class B color options.
The colors depicted are simply approximations. Refer to Hadrian’s printed color card for precise color matching. Hadrian retains the right to modify colors and/or finishes at any time and without notice.