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Color-Thru Phenolic

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Color-Thru Phenolic Bathroom Stalls

When the exceptional quality of black core phenolic meets with the versatility in solid color of solid plastic, you have color-thru phenolic toilet partition. Color-Thru phenolic is made from phenolic resins, synthetic polymers obtained by the reaction of phenol or substituted phenol with formaldehyde, with the addition of color uniformity. One of our absolute best material, color through phenolic is whatever you desire it to be.
* please refer to our material selection guide

About the material:

Phenolic is a unique material designed to resist the deformation of water contact in wet rooms. The engineered superior strength of Phenolic offers many advantages, including overall water and damage resistance. Phenolic material is ideal for high humidity areas, or where hose-down cleaning methods are used.

Color-Thru Phenolic restroom compartments have excellent screw-holding power and all the advantages of original Phenolic performance. Also Color-Thru Phenolic partitions offer wide range of color options.

Phenolic exceeds the Fire Protection Association’s recommendation for smoke production. The exterior finish of the Color-Thru Phenolic bathroom partitions are available in many designer colors and wood grain textures to appeal to any decorating taste.

For more information, please refer to our material selection guide.

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