Bobrick Traditional Toilet Partitions

Serve you with great durability and privacy in your budget. Moreover, you will get a variety of design options. Best suited for standard commercial offices, mass transport areas, industrial buildings, colleges and schools.

Material Selection

Select the best material and continue the customization process step by step. Get high-quality from Bobrick’s materials. Among the materials, CGL (Compact Grade Laminate), SCRC (Solid Color Reinforced Composite) & HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) are widely known.

Prices are determined on a scale of $ to $$$$. Our Traditional Bathroom Partitions are based on demand-supply systems. Engineered precisely to ensure the highest protection. Our FastColor™ and RapidResponse® Program will accelerate your curiosity even more.
Visit our Materials & Hardware section to get detailed data about the materials and their performances.

Supplementary Resources

Are you looking for something more appealing? Try out these valuable resources to choose your desired toilet compartments.

Case Studies

Needs some motivation? Read the real-life case studies based on our honorable clients and how they have solved the challenge to find the best toilet partitions. We brag about success with our toilet stalls which are being used from school to Class A office restrooms and beyond.

Materials & Hardware

Our partitions and cubicles are precisely tested to stand against all odds. Rigorously engineered, these bathroom stalls provide you a smooth service years after years.

Instruction Guide

Download our instruction guide regarding all types of Cubicles and Toilet Stall Systems to get a comprehensive idea.

The Ultimate Privacy Leader

The ultimate privacy leader in the toilet partition industry. We provide the best privacy options on all types of partitions and cubicles ensuring the highest security.

Compliance with Fire Code

Our materials are built to ensure safety. Read our test report regarding U.S fire codes. Get updated with the latest information.