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Wooden Bathroom Stalls

We use high quality stains and top coats to finish our Wood Veneer partitions. We can match the color and finish specified for most designs. The best way to ensure a match is to send a sample of the desired wood, stain, and finish. If not possible, standard species and finish charts can be used to specify your needs. Contact Us about sending samples or for assistance in selecting the best veneer characteristics for your design. If a particular wood species is desired but not within budget, it is possible to value engineer other veneers with a similar grain to imitate a more exotic species.
* please refer to our material selection guide

About the material:

Can be used to create warm, beautiful bathroom partition designs. Domestic species such as cherry, maple, and walnut are available. Exotic species, such as mahogany and wenge are also available. Our hardwood suppliers use environmentally responsible practices to harvest and replenish their products.

Things to note about Wood Veneer Partitions:
▹Many cleaning solutions are not appropriate for finished veneer partitions.
▹Design complexity will likely impact lead times.
▹Wood Veneer partitions are not warrantied in wet areas.
▹Anticipated traffic and abuse should be considered.
▹Wood colors and grains may vary significantly.
▹Finishes often fade with age and UV exposure; replacement finishes may not match.

Ironwood wood-veneer-4Ironwood wood-veneer-4
Ironwood wood-veneer-5Ironwood wood-veneer-5
Ironwood wood-veneer-2Ironwood wood-veneer-2
Ironwood wood-veneer-1Ironwood wood-veneer-1
Ironwood wood-veneer-captured-panel-6Ironwood wood-veneer-captured-panel-6
Ironwood wood-veneer-3Ironwood wood-veneer-3

Product Specification:

Doors: Thickness 1" to 1-1/4"
Width Varies
(21-5/8" ~ 35-5/8")
Height Varies
(58" ~ 88")
Details Everything is Made to Order and to Customer's Specifications
Panels: Thickness 1" to 1-1/4"
Width Varies
(up to 76")
Height Varies
(58" to 88")
Details Made to Order
Pilaster: Thickness Varies
1" ~ 1-1/4"
Width Varies
3" to 24"
Height Varies for style
70" to 96"
Details Made to Order
Shoes: Stainless Steel/Solid Surface
Headrail: Aluminum Anodized
Optional Features Gapless Design ☑ Yes
Oversize ☑ Yes

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