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Wooden Bathroom Stalls

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Mavi New York has come across many demands for wood partitions. After we meticulously study both the industry and the market, we realize that there isn’t a manufacturer that could provide a reasonable price for the quality of wood partition that could satisfy our standard.
After careful consideration, we have taken the matter into our own hands. Overall many years of research, we have found a way to manufacturer one of the top-quality wood partition that you could get in the market yet would only cost you a fraction of the price compare to our competitors.

Made to Order
Extremely High Versatility
Anything is Possible!
*please refer to our material selection guide

About the material:

Details coming soon!

Product Specification:

Doors: Thickness 1" to 1-1/4"
Width Varies
(21-5/8" ~ 35-5/8")
Height Varies
(58" ~ 88")
Details Wooden Toilet Partition is Mavi New York's Signature Custom Toilet Partition. Everything is Made to Order and to Customer's Specifications
Panels: Thickness 1" to 1-1/4"
Width Varies
(up to 76")
Height Varies
(58" to 88")
Details Made to Order
Pilaster: Thickness Varies
1" ~ 1-1/4"
Width Varies
3" to 24"
Height Varies for style
70" to 96"
Details Made to Order
Shoes: Stainless Steel/Solid Surface
Headrail: Aluminum Anodized
Optional Features Gapless Design ☑ Yes
Oversize ☑ Yes
Hardware Option 1 Diecast Zinc Alloy
Finish: Satin Chrome / Satin Pearl / Black
All comes with Anti-Microbial Hardware
Option 2 Cast Stainless or Stamped Stainless Steel

Product Information / Color Chart Download

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