High Performance at Low Cost.
Industry Standard.

Hadrian Powder Coated
Toilet Partitions

Best Value Ensured
Compared to other compartments, the price is one third or half. Workable and light materials make the installation process easier and faster in the lowest cost. All the materials are readily and locally available supporting the tight lead times.
Best Fire-Resistant in the Industry
One of the best fire-resistant toilet partitions materials available.

Highly Recyclable Content
For environmentally sensitive projects, powder coated toilet partitions are considered the best choice with 50% recyclable content. In this recyclable content, 14% is pre-consumer and 36% is post-consumer.
Extended Privacy Available
Complete privacy can be achieved with the optional enhanced doors and panels which are working as the full height channels to eradicate the sightline gaps completely.
Long-Lasting and Stylish Finish
Its polymer powder coated finish provides outstanding resistance to chemicals, abrasions, acids, detergents and graffiti. The restroom compartments are available in a wide range of colors as well as the special effects.

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Get an unmatched attractive and clean appearance. Full corner weld protects parts from detaching and loosening by creating hygienic seal.
Panels, pilasters, and doors wont delaminate, warp, or chip, and if there is a minor damage you can repair it easily.
1” (25mm) cell honeycomb core is used from top to bottom in the panels, doors and pilasters. Features such as the highest impact resistance, sound absorption and enhanced strength can be achieved with honeycomb reinforcement.
All the stalls are interlocked and welded with a roll-formed oval crown locking bar to ensure the continuous bond, permanency and hygienic seal.
Every door hardware and brackets are zinc die-cast as well as triple plated with nickel, copper and chrome to a gleaming finish. Pilaster shoes are made with polished stainless steel by turning into a one-piece welded design. Inside the thickness of the door latches and hinges are hidden to ensure the modern styling, easy maintenance, and sanitary.

Hadrian’s unique thumbturn lever complies with the ADA (American Disability Act) and Canadian barrier-free standards. It is engaged with a brief, effortless movement and does not require the use of a finger grip.

In the event of any emergency, you can enter from outside with both normal and barrier-free latch configuration designs. The aesthetic, ease of cleaning, and durability to vandalism are all emphasized by the minimalist design. The “Hadrian” moniker helps maintenance personnel in locating and identifying replacement parts.

Extra strength plus twist-free stiffness are exclusively provided by the addition of a 20-gauge channel, which reduces the risk of damage during packaging and transportation.

This extruded aluminum headrail provides optimum strength and harshness while maintaining a clean line outlook. Its anti-grip double-ridge design prevents raucous activity and subsequent breakage even while providing a smooth track for shower curtain fasteners.

Hadrian’s upper hinge pin has a metal core that offers strong support, whereas the self-lubricating nylon sleeve guarantees seamless and reliable performance. If necessary, the threaded pin can be effortlessly separated and reinserted.

Our low-cost continuous hinge is perfect for high-traffic places that require increased strength and longevity. The continuous hinge is made of heavy-duty material and comes in a brushed stainless steel surface. The hinge pin is made of stainless steel. Our continuous hinge also impedes the sightline on the hinge side of the door as an added bonus.

Lockers & Toilet Partitions
Washroom and locker room locations are great subjects for graffiti because of their seclusion. Our anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers will secure your investment and preserve trouble areas clean.

Graffiti Elimination
Professional graffiti removers can be used to completely remove graffiti on our anti-graffiti restroom partitions and lockers without possible disruption to the appearance. The powder coating preserves its former shine, and there is no trace of the graffiti will be visible.

Friendly to the Environment
Our product prides itself on its environmentally friendly powder coating technology. There is almost no waste, minimal energy usage, and thus no chemical pollutants.

Every Budget Can Afford Entry-Level Prices
Meets the same ASTM standards as items three times the price.
Graffiti Resistance Tested to ASTM D6578
Easily clean:

  • Permanent Marker
  • Lipstick
  • Water Based Ink Marker
  • Wax Crayon
  • Spray Paint

Our anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers come in a variety of neutral hues to match any decor:

  • 826 Kilim Beige
  • 828 Dovetail
  • 829 Desert
  • 833 Tricorn Black

Even though our anti-graffiti powder coating has already been demonstrated to work incredibly well, due to different environmental and application conditions, we cannot guarantee total removal in all situations. Our maintenance technique should be followed on a regular basis for maximum results, and graffiti should be removed as soon as possible after application.